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Pregnancy is the best thing that could ever happen to any woman. To have a baby is such a blessing, and you could not wait to meet your little angel. And to find out when you can expect to deliver your baby into the world, you need to use a due date calculator. You need to understand that after the sexual intercourse, a man’s sperm can actually stay in your body for a maximum of five days, and your egg can survive for 24 hours. So in that sense, you can have sex today, and get officially pregnant a day or two after. But that only works if you have sex only once. However, if you have regular sex with your partner, then it is more complex to find your due date.

What is a due date calculator?

A due date calculator is a tool that is used to determine the approximate week or days when you are supposed to give birth to your precious baby. You can find this toolin the internet by simply searching “due date calculator”, and you can find a lot of options to find your estimated due date. If you are not confident of the first tool you find, you can always calculate again using the next tool you can see, and repeat the process again. There is no limit to how many due date calculator tools you can use. As long you are patient in looking for a calculator for your due date, then you can try as many times as you like. And that is a good thing, actually. You will have to go through many calculations, and if the results are the same, then you can trust the results. If they differ, then you can get the average due date.

How does a due date calculator work?

Your pregnancy due date is calculated in different ways, and the due date calculator provides an estimate as to when you are due. It works by figuring out the last day that you had your menstruation, and then add 280 days to your regular cycle. The first 14 days of your pregnancy is comprised of the ovulation period and menstrual period. And so even if you gave birth on the 38th week of your pregnancy, you are still categorized as pregnant for 40 weeks.

How do you use a due date calculator?

Using the due date calculator is quite easy. There is no complex operation, and it comes with a zero hassle control. All you have to do is simply find a reliable tool online, and use it. Mostly, you will be asked to sign up with your email in order to get a reading. And you are asked to insert your significant data like your last day of menstruation, and then click on the option “submit”. Once your information is entered, the tool provides you with the approximate due date of your baby delivery. But, there are also a lot of online due date calculator that does not require you to sign up. All you need is to put in the date of your last menstruation and your days of cycle, and you get the result right away.

Is a due date calculator accurate?

A due date calculator is not a 100% accurate science, but it is an approximation that is mostly reliable. Gynecologists all over the world uses this technology to determine the estimated due date of delivering a baby. And though using this tool is almost accurate, it is still better to see an OB-GYNE for a regular checkup. Your doctor can help you determine your due date through the calculator tools as well as other medical methods.

Why do you need a due date calculator?

It is crucial to find out when you are due in order to be ready for the baby. You need to make your home the best place for your newborn, so there is a lot of work to be done. The nursery needs to be painted and filled with baby stuffs. You need to buy baby clothes, diapers, milk bottles, and more. And then there is your work that you need to consider. Knowing when you are due allows you to properly file for a maternity leave. Expecting mothers typically start their leave on the week of their estimated due date, or the week before. This gives them plenty of time to sort out their work, and give accurate notice to the company of their absence.

Also, it is important to know when you will expect to give birth to your child so you can have your insurance ready, as well as money for the hospital expenses. You have months to prepare for, and knowing when the baby is due makes it possible for you to gather the money you need.

Most importantly, determining your due date allows you to better prepare yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally for the process of giving birth. You know that birthing is painful, and it could take hours of labor before your baby is released from your body. And there are thousands, if not millions of women who suffer from postpartum PTSD after giving birth. This unfortunate event is caused by many factors, and one of them is the lack of preparation of the pregnant women. By knowing when you will meet your baby in person, you are giving yourself enough time to be ready for what is to come and avoid mental disarray.


A due date calculator is a necessary tool that you need for the sake of yourself and your baby’s. You can use it on your own at home since you only need to log in to your computer or smart phone and find a calculator tool. However, do not forget that you also need to get proper diagnosis from a professional expert. Make sure that you see a doctor regularly in order to help you keep your baby healthy and strong.