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Do we paint the room pink or blue?

Your partner asks this question time and again. This is just before the arrival of the little baby. While men are embracing pink and girls are loving blue, it does not matter what the colour of the wall is! However, you can predict the sex of your baby with the Chinese Gender Calculator.

Of course, you can get an ultrasound and know the gender of the baby. Sometimes, you just want to know the gender for fun! It helps you to get better prepared for what clothes you have to buy and the objects and toys they would like.

Some people get too experimental at home. Raise your hand if you tried the AT-HOME baking soda test. It is too messy and childish, right? They say that pregnancy cravings could give you a hint of the gender. If the woman is craving for sweets, she is going to have a girl. If the woman is craving for salty and sour foods, they are going to have a boy!

Well, nobody knows whether these are accurate or just used for fun. You can make good use of the Chinese Gender Calculator.

What does this calculator do? Is it accurate? We will answer all your queries here. Keep reading to find out how the gender calculator works!

What is a Chinese Gender Calculator?

700 years ago, an Ancient Chinese tomb (a royal one) discovered a gender prediction mechanism. To be precise, it was a calendar.

The calendar involves giving the date of birth of the mother and the conception date. After you input these numbers, the calculator converts these numbers to the mother’s lunar age (the day she got pregnant) and the lunar date of the baby conception.

After keeping in mind all these numbers, the calculator predicts the gender of the baby. There are old astrology practitioners who believe in the accuracy of this chart/calculator.

Some of the sources have claimed that this calculator is 93% accurate. Only time can tell whether it is an old wives tale or a genuine calculator. As per us, we believe in the accuracy and power of the gender calculator. Additionally, it is also another way to celebrate the baby in the womb. You can start preparing for their arrival with this calculator.

Is Chinese Gender Calculator Precise?

Majority of the people say that the Chinese Gender Predictor is 93% accurate. There are many things in this world which are not as accurate, but we still believe in those myths.

The 50-50 odds are always there. However, it could be a fun activity and quite a ‘close to accurate’ prediction. There is just one way to find that out.

Try entering the details in the calculator and see your results. It does not take a lot of time to input the details and many people have got accurate results too.

How to Use The Chinese Gender Calculator?

Using the Chinese Gender Calculator is quite straightforward and easy.

Simply choose the mother’s date of birth. Next step is to input the ‘date of conception’. This will give you a prediction of what the gender would be.

Please note – This predicts the gender and most times, it will be accurate. However, speak to your doctor about it. They would confirm the news.

Should You Be Using The Chinese Gender Calculator?

Why not? Using the calculator does not require several hours of your day. It takes few seconds to input the details. Plus, there is no harm in trying the calculator. It could be a fun activity for the mother and father-to-be.

You could use it as a fun activity. Based on the results, you can think of names for the baby. You could even think of what clothes and toys you would like to buy.

We believe that toys should not be gendered. You could give a toy gun to your little girl too! However, we have seen that little girls love playing with dolls! Perhaps the little boy could also enjoy playing with a kitchen set.

Hence, you could wait for a while and see what your child likes! Just few more weeks or months and you would know what your kid likes.

How Do I Know The Gender Of My Baby (100% Accuracy)?

In some countries, it is illegal to check the gender of your baby. Sex determination is a crime. Some parents just want to know the gender so that they are better prepared. Is that a crime? We do not think so!

You can speak to the gynaecologist. She/he would tell you the precise gender of your baby.

The doctor will perform an ultrasound to detect the gender. This is done after 18-20 weeks of pregnancy. The practitioner will look closely at the ultrasound. Through the genitals of the developing baby, the gynaecologist tells you the accurate gender.

Please note that the practitioners could make mistakes too. The results may not be accurate.

Knowing the gender of your baby can be a fun experience! Sit down with your partner and use the calculator. Even if it is not 100% accurate, you will have a good time using the calculator. Just takes few seconds of your time.

Please know that whatever gender your baby is, embrace them with open arms. We find many parents who want a girl but end up with a boy. There are many parents who want a son first. Yes, you have your own preferences but when a child is born, you will love them dearly.

So, just for fun, use the Chinese Gender Calculator and get the prediction. You could tease your partner and even be prepared for twins!